Outdoor activities are part of our culture, but they entail risks. 

Emergencies caused by weather, wildlife and accidents can occur at anytime. Outdoor enthusiasts nowadays are more educated about taking safety measures to prevent or react to these emergencies. 


They are looking for smart and innovative products to: help them to stay connected, call for help when needed, turn night into day, help them find their way and most importantly, provide them with peace of mind. 


                    To the Outdoor Community

Our Solution and Innovations


OUR MISSION is to bring the latest electronic technologies into the hands of outdoor enthusiasts and their families. We want them to feel prepared and safe when they embark on their adventures. And we want them to “Rediscover The Outdoors.”


These products are designed from the user’s need and perspectives. They are simple to use, reliable, rugged, and grounded on 3 innovation principles:


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology with connectivity to smart phones

Sensor Technologies

Environmental sensors that provide instant information to the users

Stunning Design 

Our designs are chic and “modulized” in design to serve the different needs of our users

Rediscover the Outdoors



About us 


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